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75 000 - 100 000 €/рік
00:00 31.07.2022
Our client is a fast-paced software product company in Berlin, Germany, with a focus on developing graphics products that stand out from the crowd. More than 950,000 users worldwide rely on their software for daily business as it makes creating graphical presentations so much easier, faster, and more enjoyable. The company's focus is on business slides (as opposed to more artful applications) because they offer great potential for automation of layout tasks that PowerPoint users themselves traditionally perform. Challenges are plenty: from a solid understanding of what makes a good layout and which guidelines are followed by humans who do manual layout, to algorithms that produce an acceptable output fast enough for interactive slide design, to a graphical user interface that supports their new, original approach to slide layout in a way that is easy to understand yet unobtrusive, to solid...
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